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Bernardo Letayf, BLUErabbitBernardo Letayf
A regular notebook, pen and whiteboard—is it enough to derive all the attention of the learners always? The answer might not be a ‘yes.’ Taking back home proper learning requires substantial motivation and engagement of the learners, and the key to unlocking this lies in transforming the classroom environment aptly to meet the needs of the learners. And this is something that BLUErabbit is striving to offer with its unique learning management solutions with embedded gamification. Their platform uses multiple game mechanics to improve education and enhance the learning environments. This helps redefine regular teaching activities in a class and transform classes and lessons into games that enhances learner involvement. Its functionalities aim to make assignment uploading, grading and overall assessment jobs easier for the masters while making the learning experiences engaging for students.

The platform is customizable, easy to use with multiple features that assist the game masters create the best game-like experience for lessons. BLUErabbit helps create, edit ‘adventures’ and customize where the players will play.
It also offers ‘quests’ where users can upload any content through the rich media text field. Further, the game master can impose restriction on the number of required words, images or links. BLUErabbit’s challenge-based learning helps modify classes into challenges, keeping students more focused and engaged. The coach can set up the maximum number of attempts or a specific cost for each try. A time limit can also be added to make the scenario challenging for the learner. Besides, the questions and options are randomized that give players different tests each time. ‘Missions’ can also be created that need to be completed by the players in teams by accomplishing a group of challenges, quests and items. These are designed in a way to compel team members to help each other during the mission. Making it further interesting, BLUErabbit allows creating escape rooms inside the class and leave clues for a longterm mystery or build one-day challenges. On another end, BLUErabbit also allows players to earn points or achievements through special magic codes, scanning codes, finishing quests or manually assigned.

What’s more? BLUErabbit showcases ‘restrict’ feature that enables to restrict access to multiple quests based on the player’s individual achievements. As a result, the experience for each player will be different, and each will have varied tracks for achieving the same mission. The platform also offers a feature called the ‘item shop’, which is a place that allows the players to buy items like class grades in exchange for their virtual currencies. On the other hand, the ‘backpack’ feature gives the place where players save the items they have earned. Additionally, BLUErabbit’s ‘wall’ helps the players to connect with each other through a virtual class wall with specific chat rooms, and it gives access to the Master or coach to all the conversations.

With the aim of easing the process for the game masters, BLUErabbit tracks the complex gamification numbers making it easy for them to focus solely on the creative aspect. It also offers faster grading that allows masters to evaluate every assignment and task submitted by the players or students directly within the platform without having to download those. The highlighting aspect of BLUErabbit lies with the provision of an official HEXAD player type test that assists in identifying different styles in their class.

BLUErabbit has not been limited to specific languages and places with its offerings. It is capable of working with multiple languages where the system can be translated to the desired languages. Beyond its features, the company extends its support and tutorials to make it easy for the trainers in designing their learning classes. In a nutshell, BLUErabbit has opened a store to explore a large array of customizable features to metamorphose learning with gamification.
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Bernardo Letayf

BLUErabbit is a gamification platform for training and education that leverages the use of learning styles and player style information to improve player learning and engagement. It uses several game mechanics to enhance education and improve learning environments. The platform can also be used to manage professional projects

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