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Top 10 Gamification Solution Companies - 2021

From its usage to gain positive consumer behaviours in the retail space to driving higher performance and better attendance among workforces in the HR arena, gamification technology has become the go-to technology for boosting user engagement. More recently, the technology has penetrated additional markets such as defence and aerospace, where gamified offerings help candidates boost their skills through highly engaging simulated combat and non-combat training regimes. Similarly, gamification is also being leveraged in conjunction with AR/VR technologies to train and educate first responders such as firefighters and police officers on how to handle tense scenarios in a safe, effective, and virtual ecosystem. Alternatively, on the consumer side, gamified apps and health wearables continuously engage users and drive even non-health-conscious individuals to create a healthy lifestyle.

Considering the ever-increasing number of intuitive gamification solutions entering the market, choosing the right solution provider has become a critical task for firms. To assist firms in the task of finding prominent gamification solutions, we have compiled this issue of CIOReview Europe. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 gamification solution providers to showcase the organisations that can help you unlock new opportunities. We hope this issue of CIOReview Europe helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster sustainable and highly cost-efficient operations driven by robust and innovative technology.

We present to you CIOReview Europe’s “Top 10 Gamification Solution Companies – 2021.”

    Top Gamification Solution Companies

  • BLUErabbit is a gamification platform for training and education that leverages the use of learning styles and player style information to improve player learning and engagement. It uses several game mechanics to enhance education and improve learning environments. The platform can also be used to manage professional projects


  • Established in 2019 by three collegemates who met 20+ years later after serving the IT Industry in various capacities, Cydrill aims to tackle the root cause of cyber incidents, the inadequate coding practices. They created a blended learning journey of Cybersecurity Skills & Drills targeting software developers. Looking at secure coding as the ultimate team-sport, Cydrill developed a set of courses for classroom, virtual and e-learning. Hands-on labs – the drills – engage, persuade, and measure the experiential learning of the participants. Through gamification, they instil the best-practices and teach how not to code. However, there are no leaderboards, no fierce competition; simply metrics drive individual contribution to team’s collective achievements


  • As a creative technology company, Demodern helps businesses craft superior digital experiences for a wide range of target audiences. Demodern’s core competencies are in web and mobile applications, including game mechanics for learning and training, digital installations for retail and corporate trade shows, and mixed reality environments. At present, Demodern is working with many leading organisations to design strategic digital experiences for a multitude of business cases in the areas of customer engagement, employee training, social media marketing, and delivering those via innovative digital communication tools. And through this, Demodern is essentially making more prominent progress towards combining the spatial experience with virtual and augmented experiences, which serve as the basis for Metaverse


  • Playmotiv leverages the power of gamification to increase the efficiency of teams and its members by using digital tools to motivate people towards their goals, train them and obtain suitable results in order to continue improving. To this extent, the company offers “serious games” for enterprises with a combination of storytelling and technology, allowing organisations to build an emotional bond between tasks and executors through games. It involves games for not only sellers but also for any team or group of professionals who wants to enhance their engagement and productivity


  • SAP


    SAP’s pragmatic approach to digitalizing the processes has always drawn increased attention and investment for creating exponential shifts in multiple dimensions of business. It is SAP’s systematic analysis that enables business to think digitally and innovate their business models and modes of work using demand-oriented design thinking. Today SAP is a leading entity when it comes to the digital transformation space. With over 18,000 partners and more than 91 percent clients worldwide, SAP has cemented its position as one of the “best business software” that not only meets today’s needs but also allows for future growth. Be it ERP or CRM, Analytics or Digital Supply Chain, SAP does it all




    As a full-service provider, the Sycor Group covers the whole spectrum of information and communications technology. With a team of over 600 employees around the world, the company ensures long-lasting customer satisfaction across the entire value-added chain, even if it means providing round-the-clock assistance 365 days a year. Sycor Group’s solutions are always tailored, reliable and quality-assured. Sycor Group supports its customers with IT services and solutions for all areas of the company along the entire value chain. Sycor Group’s goal is to find the best IT solution for its clients

  • alittleb.it


    A renowned gamification agency that is dedicated to engage customers and employees. The company uses gamification to design user engagement strategies and they realize all the digital products necessary for their development. Alittleb.it develop platforms, apps and games that help our customers to create innovative experiences that attracts and engage their reference target, both internal and external. They understand that gamification is not only about points, levels and badges. It is not even just “fun”. It is a lot more: it is engagement based on behavioural design



    Built on many years of experience, ATHAND has developed a cloud-based gamification platform, allowing the company to scale-up and role out to countries all over the world. Today ATHAND can proudly say that its platform is available in 5 languages and is being used in more than 10 countries worldwide

  • Gamfi


    Poland-based Gamifi develops onboarding and employee motivation tools supported by gamification, selected by the largest companies. The company's portfolio comprises ready-made onboarding and motivational models that use industry-proven standards and good practices. And Gamifi's experienced team carries out the implementation by adjusting predefined patterns to the client's needs and ensure 100 percent value addition

  • Gamifier


    Gamifier is a startup company focused on boosting the productivity of companies using gamification and profile analysis oriented by business indicators. The company's first vision is focused on improving the performance of sales operations of companies that use CRMs such as Pipedrive

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